With the help of a car and a local guide, you will explore the island of Ischia discovering its mountainside where the traditional activities of the island have been preserved; the main one is wine’s production.

Vines have been brought to Italy by the Greeks in the 8th century BC and, since Ischia was the first place where Greeks arrived and settled, it is probably the first place of southern Italy where wine was made. Your guide will show you that wine is so much more than the celebration of flavours, here in Italy it defines our culture.

You will visit three local wineries discovering the particularity of making wine on the island. In fact, in Ischia, the vineyards are developed on terraces which makes the process of harvesting and vinification more hardworking. You will climb the hill on a monorailenter into wine cellars, walk through vineyards and taste different kinds of wine.

This experience is a fascinating exploration of our land in a whole new way, with hints and glimpses of flavours and knowledge never before revealed.


Intended for:

  • Adults
  • Sommeliers and wine and local products lovers
  • Gourmets, curious to discover the local flavours
  • For those who have interests in anthropology, archaeology, biology

Why choose it:

  • You are looking for unique places in line with the theme of wine and typical local products
  • You want to learn the techniques of vinification and the preparation of sausages and cheese
  • You love to discover new flavours between the sceneries and wineries that are difficult to reach

Price per person

on request


  • Guide
  • Visit of three wineries
  • Tastings of wine
  • Private car for the tour
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT



  • Comfortable shoes and clothing

As an “Ischitano” shaped by the customs and traditions of Ischia, I would like to share the essence of this place as if I would be introducing a dear friend into my family circle.

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