Many families history often includes emigration; people that to avoid war, persecutions or simply poverty have decided to make their fortune away from their home.

You must have often questioned yourself what did the places where your ancestors lived looked like; what would be the view from the window of their home? And what would they have become if they remained living at their place of origin? I’m sure some of you still must be keeping a few objects, an old picture, some old certificate and a few fragmented pieces of information.

Match with your holiday an experience of genealogy research. Give us whatever information you have available and we will take care of the rest. Upon your arrival,  you will find a dream tour through the places that link you to your family life and meetings will be arranged with your closest relatives.

“When one leaves his country, all memories prior their departure gains an extraordinary memory and their foretell the absence and homesickness.”
Corrado Alvaro

Intended for:

  • those whose ancestors were emigrants
  • those who never had the chance of meeting their ancestors
  • whoever is seeking to discover his roots

Why choose it:

  • you want to see the places where your ancestors lived, grew and worked
  • you wish to meet with your relatives abroad but you don’t know how to connect with them
  • you want to reconnect with that part of your soul who remained entangled in the place of origin of your ancestors

Price per person

on request


  • Analysis of the existing information about your ancestors
  • Anagraphic research
  • Research of living relatives and meet-up arrangement
  • Guided visit of the places and buildings connected with your ancestors
  • Visit and research at cemetery tombs and registers
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT

Equipment suggested:

  • Any certificates, documents and pictures of your ancestors
  • Genealogy book to fill during your trip
  • Camera
  • Your ID

When years ago I have read the book “You Can’t Have Wings If You Don’t Have Roots” I decided to reorganise my family tree and great things happened. I was amazed by the strength and the power that a person regains by reconnecting with his own roots.

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