You will meet our professionists at the fishermen’s harbour of Marina Corricella on the typical island of  Procida.

On a real fisherman’s  boat you will reach the right spot to fish. You will participate to all the onboard operations of anchovies fishing.

You will be asked to help in the selection of the fish while we sail toward the fish market.

At 4 a.m. we must get the best price out of the caught from the fish sellers waiting for us at the main fish market of Naples.

On our sail back to the island at sunrise, we will celebrate the income with breakfast on board of our solid fishing boat.

An experience that you will hardly forget in your life span.

Intended for:

  • adults
  • those who love fishing
  • passionate about sea

Why choose it:

  • to share a sea life experience with local fishermen
  • you want to experience fishing in the Mediterranean Sea
  • you want to try out the life of a fisherman

Price per person

on request


  • Steward assistance and translator
  • Night-time fishing
  • Dinner before the departure
  • Breakfast
  • Water and warm drinks on board
  • Waterproof fisherman’s uniform
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT

Equipment suggested:

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Windbreaker
  • Spare outfit in case you get wet

Everyone in my family is passionate about the sea.
I went fishing with my father since I was just a child and little by little it became my job.

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