70% of our body is water.
70% of our planet is water.
70% of oxygen is produced in the water.
It’s no wonder we talk about amniotic fluid; the sea is crawling with life and underwater lands that once have been onshore could reveal the evidence of past history or prospects on future scenarios. The impossibility of communication under the water, except for a few hand signals of basic information, compels us to a detailed briefing in the projection room, where a sea biologist/geologist will show you the characteristics of the explored underwater landscapes.
Once set all the diving gear on board, we will reach the diving place, accompanied by an expert dive master. The diving time depends mainly on the depth reached; it is generally around 45 minutes. Once back to the shore, we debrief on what was observed and the details of the experience.


Intended for:

  • Adults and children from 10 years old
  • Sea lovers
  • Passionate about biology and marine biology
  • Expert about fish species

Why choose it:

  • You want to combine exploration of seabeds to marine biology and geology notions
  • You want to try to come down into an underwater crater or an ancient caldera
  • You want to work on your relation with water

Price per person

on request

Price per person

€ 350

1 person

€ 290

2 people

€ 270

3 people

€ 260

4 people

€ 260

5 people


  • Projection with an educational briefing in class with Sea Biologist/Geologist
  • Scuba Gear (mask, fins, diving bottle, wetsuit, jacket, weight belt)
  • Diving with an expert Divemaster
  • Boat transfer to reach the diving places
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT


  • Water
  • Anorak
  • Beach towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Underwater camera (if available)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Dry snack (crackers or cookies)

I studied Marine Biology as I was fascinated by sea life. I did research on the health condition of the seas and on the anthropic impact and now I want to share this marvel to love and respect.

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