Between the most remote paths of Ischia, you will observe the geometries created by the volcanoes, among lapilli and ashes. Along the path overlooking the ancient craters, surrounded by a lush vegetation.
Your hiking guide will lead you until the area where the fresh water of Buceto spring pours out: one of the few drinking water sources. Filtered through the loamy mountain, this pure water was channelled in the first aqueduct that reached the coast, near the Aragon Castle.
Walking through the endemic ferns, you will continue your guided tour until you get to a charming mountain cottage.
Cradled by the rustling of wind in the branches and pleased with dishes done with simple and genuine recipes, you will taste all the flavours of seasonal products grown in those volcanic lands, for a lovely meal farm-to-table.
You will accompany this tasty food sipping the nectar of autochthonous wine varieties from which, for over 50 years, the DOC wines of Ischia are produced.

Intended for:

  • Adults and children from 8 years old
  • Trekking lovers
  • Nature and genuine flavours lovers

Why choose it:

  • You wish to discover the hidden corners of the island
  • You like to immerse yourself in the bush to discover unusual views
  • You wish to know more about geology and springs
  • You wish to taste local specialities
  • You wish to spend a day out of line

Price per person

on request


  • Hiking guide
  • Luncheon and drinks
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT


  • Comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Water
  • Anorak
  • Sweatshirt
  • Trousers
  • Binocular and flashlight (optional)

The interaction between plants and animals, the adaptation and evolutions of the species are an invisible language which fascinated me so much since I was a child that I learnt to speak it.

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