We bring you a day deeply immersed in nature’s majesty both on land and sea, along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Today we will take you on a walk through the “Valle dei Mulini” (Valley of the Mills) to discover the rich history of the ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi, its abandoned grain and paper mills, abundant greenery, and pristine waterfalls. Your trekking guide will introduce you every plant and animal living in the fjords and canyons on this stretch of coast.

Your route through the Valley leads to a huge lemon grove run by a local family where you will visit the farm with practical examples of growing and harvesting and the family’s Museum of Arts and Crafts. After the tour, you will sit at a table to have lemon-based tastings and limoncello shaded by the fragrant lemon grove, perched high above the sea.
A dreamy end to a magical day; and, as you rest back at your hotel, you will have remembrances of terraces, valleys and an array of culinary temptations based on just a simple fruit: lemon.

Intended for:

  • adults and children
  • those who love trekking

Why choose it:

  • to combine the discovery of new places and new flavours
  • You want to learn lemon-based recipes
  • you are a hiking lover

Price per person

on request


  • Trekking with a local guide through “Valle dei Mulini”
  • Guided tour in a lemon grove
  • Visit with an expert to the laboratory where lemons are transformed into several different products
  • Tasting of a variety of lemon-infused products
  • Transfer from the farm to the centre of Amalfi
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT

Equipment suggested:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Trekking or training shoes
  • Long trousers
  • Hat
  • Water
  • Sunscreen

I belong to a family of six children who have always been farmers. Respecting the tradition of our land we keep cultivating lemon trees.

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