Taking in the scenery of the Amalfi Coast is a wish many travellers dream of fulfilling. For cyclists, admiring the scenery here evolves into a unique experience along the so-called “road of one thousand bends”.  Your guide will be Juliana Buhring, an ultra-endurance world record-holding cyclist.
Juliana has made her home here on the Amalfi Coast, after having circumnavigated the world on bicycle, setting a world record as the first — and fastest — woman to do so.
You can set the pace today by choosing different types of tracks, levels of difficulty, and distance. To engage all your senses, on request we will be pleased to match you with gastronomic experiences at local farms, cheese factories, and little restaurants tucked away within the fjords and mountains of this area.
We could not think of a more active and exclusive way to experience the Amalfi Coast.
Juliana will share stories of some local traditions with you and compare them with others she has experienced during her journey around the globe.

Intended for:

  • adults and teenagers
  • road cyclists
  • passionate about cycling

Why choose it:

  • to explore new horizons by bicycle
  • you wish to go biking with a World champion and learn a life lesson on human’s limits
  • you wish to train, set a challenge and at the meantime explore one of the most beautiful places in the world

Price per person

on request


  • Bicycle and helmet hire
  • Guided Tour with Juliana Buhring
  • Foraday Assistance
  • VAT

Equipment suggested:

  • Biker’s outfit and shoes (we provide the helmet)
  • Spare clothes
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Hat
  • Headgear
  • Medical certificate
  • Sunscreen

I am an ultra cyclist and a Guinness World Record Holder for having been the first woman to have circumnavigated the world in record time too.

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